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Platte County, Wyoming - Five towns and everything in between and all around!

Platte County boasts four libraries, two State Parks, a hospital, a nursing home, four High Schools, one Jr. High School, three Middle Schools, and five Elementary Schools!

The elevation of Platte's 4,733 square miles goes from 4,300 to 7,200 feet. Our average growing season is 155 days, with just under 13 inches of rain annually and though it sometimes feels like much more, just over 41 inches of snow.

We have four distinct seasons in Platte County, and each one offers exciting natural wonders you won't find anywhere else. From wild flowers to wildlife, birds to bison, swimming holes to snow forts and autumn colors to snow-encrusted fields--Platte County, WY is yours to experience. And we hope you will!

And then there are the people of Platte. At last official count, 8,667 of us, and you'll find most everybody willing to give directions, suggestions and reflections on must-see Platte County attractions and not-to-be-missed events. Ask where to fish, camp, hike, eat or find a music jam and you'll get a dozen different answers---each of 'em good!

We're glad you came! And we hope you'll stay awhile!

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