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Are you a local business member and/or nonprofit member interested in furthering the broad mission of the Platte County Chamber of Commerce? Do you know someone else who is? In either case, please consider completing the board of directors nomination form to start the process of consideration for the 2021 board of directors.

The job of the individual board member is to generally participate as part of the board team to accomplish the mission of the organization.

The Platte County Chamber of Commerce puts on a variety of events and is involved in all aspects of the community, from education to economic development. Some of the events include, but aren’t limited to, Oktoberfest, Ag Appreciation Banquet and Annual Golf Scholarship Tournament.

While participating as part of the board team, members must:

  • Believe in and actively support the mission of the organization
  • Be a member of the Chamber
  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations, bylaws, policies and the code of ethics
  • Accept the legal duties of loyalty and care while serving as a board member
  • Understand that all power rests with the full board, not individual members
  • Share wisdom and insights to help the board make appropriate decisions and policy
  • Be responsible for attracting and retaining chamber members
  • Prepare well for all meetings
  • Bring knowledge of the county and constituents to the board’s deliberations
  • Be an advocate to the county and constituents for programs and board decisions
  • Play a consultative role by sharing expertise with management when requested
  • Seek opportunities to expand knowledge about the organizations
  • Regularly self-evaluate personal performance on the board and determine needs for improvement
  • Attend monthly board meetings

Nominations will be accepted until March 19, 2021.

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